Programmatic Partnership

Photo of a faculty science member in SWW

Current collaborative programmatic efforts between The George Washington University and School Without Walls (SWW) include:

Facilities Sharing

GW provides SWW students and faculty with access to Gelman Library, the University Student Center and the Charles E. Smith Athletic Center. SWW provides GW with access to classroom space during the evening hours.

Teaching Collaborations

GW faculty, staff and graduate students guest lecture in SWW classes and teach certain SWW elective courses.

Internships for GW Graduate Students

Students in GW's Graduate School of Education and Human Development serve as interns at SWW in the areas of science, social studies, special education and counseling.

Educational Opportunities

SWW students are annually permitted to enroll in GW courses, with waiver of tuition and fees. SWW faculty and staff are also eligible to take courses at GW.

Educator Training

GW's Graduate School of Education and Human Development annually offers continuing education opportunities to SWW faculty, specifically the opportunity to achieve the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.


The Memorandum of Understanding signed by DCPS and GW in March 2006 created a "Partnership for a Learning Community" and established an educational task force to examine the potential to augment their existing programmatic relationship, with the goal of making SWW one of the premier public schools in the nation. The task-force will work to identify new areas for collaboration and is expected to issue a set of recommendations in 2008.


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