Mount Vernon Community Partnership

The university is dedicated to collaborating with our neighbors to solicit community feedback on the major components of the Campus Plan. As a result of this dedicated and focused effort, GW has created Advisory Working Groups to work with neighbors on the campus planning process.

GW believes that these groups provide an opportunity to collaboratively address the shared goals for promoting positive university/community relationships. These groups will focus on student safety, campus development, on-campus life, off-campus neighborhood quality-of-life issues, and facilities and transportation. Each Working Group Committee will be led by co-chairs – university and community -and consist of representatives from the community and university. Working groups will meet monthly throughout the campus planning process.

See below for a brief description of the working groups.

If you are interested in joining a Working Group, please submit the Working Group registration form.

If you would like to provide feedback, comments, or concerns regarding the MVC Campus Plan, you can fill out the Community Feedback Form.

Mount Vernon Campus overlooking GW Soccer Field

Facilities & Transportation Working Group

Collaborates on concerns related to physical campus facilities, including existing and proposed development and renovation projects, as well as addresses issues related to travel and mitigation of university-related traffic on the community.

Students coming and going from Ames Hall on MVC

Safety & Community Life Working Group

Addresses neighborhood quality of life issues including student conduct when they are off campus, noise, student safety in the community, and on-campus student life.

This group will also work to ensure that neighbors are aware of and have the ability to participate in campus events and activities, and the benefits associated with having the university as a neighbor.

As a result of community feedback, the university reduced the number of working groups from 4 to 2 and have changed the time of our virtual meetings from 7PM to 4PM to increase community participation.  To view the changes made to the Community Partnership structure, you can visit the 2021Campus Planning Documents under Administrative Documents.