Virginia Campus Completed Projects

Solar Walk

A landscaped pedestrian sidewalk that demonstrates solar technologies is complete. The Solar Walk links Exploration and Innovation Halls on the Virginia Science & Technology Campus and extends the public sidewalk to the intersection of GW Boulevard and University Drive. The walk features a trellis with solar panels that supplements electricity for lighting, and a test installation of ‘walkable’ solar panels is also being pursued as an additional solar element.

Avenir Foundation Conservation and Collections Resource Center and future academic initiatives

Construction began November 5, 2012 on GW’s new dual-purpose building on the Virginia Science and Technology Campus and completed in fall 2013. Located at the intersection of Presidential Drive and George Washington Boulevard, the Collections and Conservation Resource Center features a 22,000 square foot state-of-the-art collections and conservation resource center and an adjacent 30,000 square feet of additional space, to be designed and built out for future academic and research activities. The separate buildings share a common entrance and some support functions.

School of Nursing’s Simulation and Skills Lab

The School of Nursing added an additional 3,300 square feet to its Simulation and Skills Lab in Innovation Hall. The new facility, which opened for the fall 2012 class, includes an eight bed hospital ward, two private rooms and a studio apartment dedicated to in-home care. The state-of-the art video capabilities allow for enhanced training and monitoring of students using the latest in video and voice capture technology.