Community Concern Reports

Foggy Bottom Metro

In an effort to manage reports of repeated acts of misconduct by GW students residing in non-university properties off campus, GW has adopted a proactive strategy for addressing problem properties.

In addition to imposing sanctions against individual students, GW will add to the Repetitive Concern List any property with four or more reported and verified community concerns within one academic year.  As part of the GW Community Concern Policy, concerns about student misconduct can generally be made through the Community Concern Hotline 202-994-6110 or reported directly through the Office of Government and Community Relations, Office of Off-Campus Student Affairs, or the GW Police Department (GWPD).  For conduct occurring in non-university properties off campus, landlord and property managers will receive a written notification each time a complaint is verified at their respective properties.  Properties will be added to the Repetitive Concern List immediately following the fourth such complaint, and the list will be reviewed annually.

Once a property has been added to the Repetitive Concern List, the university will send two sets of letters. The first letter will be sent to the property owner in mid-August. The second letter will be sent to the residents of the property in mid-September.  These letters are an attempt to make landlords and residents aware of the on-going issues at this location and express the university’s intent to hold our students liable for continued disturbances in the local community.

The Repetitive Concern List will be publically available for review by students on an annual basis here as well as on the Office of Off-Campus Student Affairs’ website.

Students will be encouraged to inquire about any residence that the university has labeled a “problem property” in the Foggy Bottom community.