Charles E. Smith Center

Charles E. Smith Center Court

Completed August 2011

This renovation project was scheduled to occur in three phases: Phase I January-April 2009 focused on minor structural infill and preparation for Phase II construction; Phase II April-November 2009 included a life safety systems upgrade and major renovation of the interior, including natatorium and pool, lower level locker rooms, conference and fitness rooms, and a new academic support suite. Phase II also provided new seating and finishes in the arena as well as a new courtside members club; life safety and HVAC improvements to the Athletic Director’s suite, and a renovated Athletic Director’s Club on the 3rd level. Phase III began shortly after Phase II finished with substantial exterior completion anticipated in fall 2010 and final project completion in 2011. Phase III work focuses on exterior renovations and interior spaces such as the lobby and box office, a new concessions area, and the daily entry at 22nd and G Streets. 

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Transforming the Center

The dramatic transformation of the Charles E. Smith Center.

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