2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan

George Statue

The 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan provides a framework for development over the next twenty years, reflecting a long-term view of the campus in the context of its surrounding neighborhoods. The plan provides the predictability of identified sites, uses, and densities, along with the requisite level of flexibility necessary for such a long-term planning horizon.

The development sites included in the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan were individually evaluated based on existing campus land use patterns, suitability for redevelopment, and GW's overall forecasted space requirements. The selection of specific sites evolved throughout the community-based planning process, responding to various community and District concerns. As a result of these changes, limited new development is proposed along F and G Streets, and collections of historic and architecturally relevant buildings - originally contemplated for redevelopment - will now be maintained and adaptively reused.

2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan Development Sites Map (PDF)

Current Campus Plan Projects

Square 55/Science & Engineering Hall

The university recently completed construction of a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and laboratory building on the Square 55 development site.

Square 75/2112 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

The George Washington University plans to redevelop several university-owned investment properties on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Square 77/District House

Site 77A on Square 77 is located between 21st, 22nd, H and I Streets, N.W. is one of the 16 approved development sites GW's 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan.

Square 102/The George Washington University Museum & The Textile Museum

The GW Museum and The Textile Museum will foster the study and appreciation of art, history, and culture, both within the university and throughout the global community.