Foggy Bottom Shared Benefits

View of Kogan from corner through cherry blossoms

The 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan outlines a clear guide for future development on GW's Foggy Bottom Campus. In addition, the university proposed to carry conditions from the 2000-2009 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan - including student, faculty and staff population limits and the undergraduate student housing requirement - and made several additional commitments in response to community concerns. Implementation of the Plan and its accompanying commitments will result in shared and lasting benefits for a wide range of stakeholders.

For the Community

  • Concentrates new development in targeted locations in the core of campus, away from surrounding residential neighborhoods
  • Provides new neighborhood-serving retail services along the I Street Retail Corridor
  • Enhances the public environment and pedestrian experience through landscaping and streetscape improvements

For the District

  • Proposes a framework for predictable, planned growth guided by smart growth and transit oriented development planning principles advanced by the DC Office of Planning
  • Provides opportunities for new business development and preserves the District's tax base
  • Maintains architectural and historic resources that enhance the character of Washington, DC

For the university

  • Accommodates GW's forecasted academic and student housing space needs within the existing Foggy Bottom campus
  • Provides programmatic benefits and promotes efficient use of resources
  • Enhances the vibrant and collegial GW Experience for students, faculty, and staff