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Office of Government & Community Relations 

The students, faculty and staff of the George Washington University value our community and the relationships we have with our neighbors. We are all, together, in and of the District of Columbia. We hope you, our neighbors, take full advantage of everything GW has to offer: performing arts, technology assistance, legal clinics, art galleries, sporting events, library access, course auditing, and much, much more.

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GW President Thomas LeBlanc and his wife Anne LeBlanc

- President Thomas J. LeBlanc

“The George Washington University deeply values its role in strengthening our communities in the District of Columbia and Commonwealth of Virginia. We are committed to sharing our resources and collaborating with the communities that surround our campuses in Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon, and Virginia to advance the common goals we share as neighbors. My wife, Anne, and I are truly grateful to be a part of our Foggy Bottom community, and we look forward to seeing you around campus soon!”


Important Updates

GW's Bicentennial Celebration

GW Bicentennial Logo


February 9, 2021 - October 3, 2021

The George Washington University’s bicentennial is an incredible, historic milestone. February 9, 2021 is officially the 200th anniversary of when the United States Congress established our university’s charter in 1821.

Our bicentennial also kicks off an eight-month long celebration for those all around the world who love GW. Together, we will recognize GW’s generations of progress and how GW leaders helped create a top comprehensive, global research university in the heart of our nation’s capital, reflecting on “Only at GW” experiences and sharing the many stories of those who got us here—and the many more of you who are building our future together.

Here’s to many centuries more. Raise High!

Join in celebrating GW's bicentennial 




Departmental Collaboration

Community Relations is a university-wide commitment and it wouldn't be possible without the extensive departmental collaboration that takes place all across campus. From architects to campus planners to student affairs professionals, community relations are ingrained and woven closely in the fabric of the George Washington University. Please consider all of us, your connection and gateway to the university. 

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