Compliance & Outreach

Piece of Paper

The University is committed to complying with the conditions set forth in the DC Zoning Commission's Order of Approval (.pdf) for the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan. The University's compliance initiatives include many elements, such as the Streetscape Plan and the Historic Preservation Plan, as well as:

  • Transitioning use of facilities outside the campus plan boundaries to uses other than undergraduate housing – including conversion of Hall on Virginia Avenue and The Aston to graduate residence halls;
  • Agreeing to not purchase additional residentially-zoned properties outside of the Campus Plan boundaries in the Foggy Bottom/West End area for a use other than investment purposes or which would be limited to the University population;
  • Conducting an annual audit of Foggy Bottom student enrollment counts in coordination with the DC Zoning Administrator;
  • Providing bi-annual reports on the University's compliance with Campus Plan conditions;
  • Holding quarterly meetings of the GW/Community Advisory Committee.