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Immediate neighbors of GW are welcome to take advantage of the university's library. To facilitate this access, FRIENDS will be issued a modified GWorld card. The GWorld card is the access and identification card used by students, faculty and staff. We have arranged for the production of a special FRIENDS GWorld card. With a tap of this card, you will have access to the vast resources of Gelman Library.

To get your card, please visit the GWorld card office on the 1st floor of the Marvin Center (800 21st Street, NW). You will be asked to fill out an application, show a government issued photo ID (indicating your residency in the immediate area), and pay a $5.00 processing fee. For office hours and directions please visit the GWorld Office website.

About your GWorld card

  • The card grants you access to the library, but it does not give you borrowing privileges during the academic year. GW is, first and foremost, an institution of higher learning. We must ensure that the materials are in the library when our students need them.
  • For a small $5.00 annual fee, FRIENDS are allowed borrowing privileges during the summer (May 15 - August 15).
  • For those of you interested in year round borrowing privileges, Gelman is offering a greatly reduced FRIENDS rate of $150.00 per year. *Note that this special fee is only for FRIENDS residing in Foggy Bottom/West End. To arrange for summer or annual borrowing privileges, please contact 202-994-6455.
  • There is a $25.00 fee to replace lost or stolen GWorld cards. Damaged or worn cards are replaced free of charge as long as you turn in your current damaged or worn card.
  • Given the special nature of the FRIENDS group, the GWorld office has waived the annual card renewal fee. Once you pay the initial $5.00 processing fee, there is no additional cost to holding the card.

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