Educational Initiatives

Chalk In

The Office of Government and Community Relations along with the Office of Off-Campus Student Affairs is committed to educating students on how to become active and responsible members of the surrounding community. Together, we work to develop and enact educational initiatives for our students. Some of those initiatives include:

Orientation - an online program delivered through a timed portal that addresses "good neighbor" issues, educating students about appropriate conduct in the off-campus community. The program especially emphasizes objectionable noise both inside and outside of buildings, restricted parking in the Foggy Bottom/West End area, illegal underage drinking, and respect for personal and real property of the residential and private business communities.

Welcome Bags - reusable grocery bags filled with helpful information for neighbors and students alike in the historic district of Foggy Bottom. The bags include:

  • Welcome letter from Foggy Bottom permanent residents (.pdf)
  • University policies on trash, noise, parking, and snow
  • Trash magnet
  • Guide to Living Off-Campus
  • Block Party invitation
  • Discover GW brochure (.pdf)
  • Business cards

Guide to Living Off-Campus - a comprehensive guide for students off all ages and class years living off-campus in the Washington metropolitan area. The guide addresses key matters for students moving into a new residential community as well as information on students rights and responsibilities in their new community.