Community Advisory Committee

A key component of the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan is the creation of the GW/Community Advisory Committee for the purpose of "fostering consistent communication between the university and the Foggy Bottom and West End communities, discussing issues of mutual interest and proposing solutions to problems that exists or arise in implementing the approved Foggy Bottom Campus Plan." 

The DC Zoning Commission's Order of Approval (.pdf) defines the composition of the Advisory Committee as ten members: "five representatives of the university to be selected by the university and five representatives of the community to be selected by ANC 2A." 

The Zoning Commission required the first meeting to be held within two months of the October 26, 2007 effective date of the order and that future meetings will occur on a quarterly basis and be open to the public. The five members appointed by the university represent the Facilities Planning, Construction and Management, Office of Government and Community Relations, as well as the Division of Student Affairs.

Committee Meeting Materials 

Materials from the meetings (minutes, agendas and community notices) are available below. A list-serve will be provided to facilitate communications regarding future meetings and all relevant materials (including minutes of previous meetings) will be posted on this website. Additionally, notices required under the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan will be sent by letter to the Chair of the Foggy Bottom/West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2A) and additional written notice will be sent to representatives of the Foggy Bottom Association (FBA) and West End Citizens Association (WECA). Also, an advertisement will be placed in the Foggy Bottom Current newspaper.