Square 103/Phase 1 - Law Learning Center & Garage

Completed Fall 2013

Square 103 Concept View Looking East from G Street Square 103 Concept View Looking East from G Street

Located at 2028 G Street, this project houses one level of program space for GW's Law School and four levels of underground parking containing approximately 392 parking spaces. The surface of this project contains entrances to below-grade space as well as approximately 58 additional parking spaces, university loading and service activity, and landscaping. The university plans to construct the above-ground building at a future date and this project will be subject to a separate second-stage Planned Unit Development (PUD) application and Campus Plan application.

The project provides additional underground parking that is necessary as a result of the construction of the Science and Engineering Hall on Square 55 (former home of the above-ground University Parking Garage) and related decentralization of parking, both important components of the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan. This project also prepares the site for future development of a new infill building to be approved through a future second-stage PUD and, in the interim, will provide an attractive and sustainable improvement to the campus, reducing area stormwater runoff through the use of sustainable streetscape design.

The below-grade parking portion of this project was substantially completed in late 2012 and opened for parking customers in early 2013.  Additional work took place in spring 2013 to complete landscaping and finishing as well as the one level of below grade academic programming space.

Community outreach included detailed updates at the quarterly GW Community Advisory Committee meetings (required by the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan) as well as presentations to the Foggy Bottom Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A (December 15, 2010; January 16, 2011) and several FRIENDS neighborhood meetings.

Square 103/Phase 1 - Law Learning Center & Garage Construction Updates

Square 103/Phase 1 - Law Learning Center & Garage Regulatory Filings

Lane & Street Closures

SEH Crane with sky in the background

Project officials will coordinate activities of upcoming short-term lane closures and requests for additional work hours necessary to facilitate construction and improv

Gelman Library Entry Floor Renovation Quick Facts

Architect: Cox Graae + Spack Architects
Construction Manager: Donohoe Construction