Lane and Street Closures

School of Media and Public Affairs Building

Below is a listing of upcoming short-term lane closures and requests for additional work hours necessary to facilitate construction and improvements to the Foggy Bottom Campus. Project officials will coordinate activities per approved traffic control plans approved by the appropriate DC agencies. Please note that all dates are anticipated and are weather dependent.

Furniture Delivery

On February 12, 13, 20 and 21 and March 7 furniture delivery is scheduled for 1922 F Street. Parking lanes will be used on 20th Street between E and F Street. Delivery and unloading is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm (after rush hour) and is expected to take about 3 hours each time. Work is not expected to be load. 

On February 15, 22 and March 6 delivery will also occur at 1922 F Street. On these dates delivery will occur during the day time. 


GW Hillel sidewalk and lane closures in August

Construction fencing has been installed at H and on 23rd Streets closing the sidewalk as shown on below traffic control plan for project and per signs posted at project, including barricades in the curb lane of H Street. Impacts to pedestrians and vehicles include:

  • A midblock crosswalk was installed in October to facilitate pedestrian traffic.

  • West side of 23rd Street between G & H Streets & the South side of H Street between 23rd & 24th Streets will be closed. Pedestrians should cross to the East side of 23rd Street in order to continue North or South of the construction site. 

  • The curb lane on 23rd Street in front of the Hillel project site will be closed Mon. thru Fri. from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm & Sat. from 7 am to 6 pm. 

  • Bus Stop – the WMATA bus stop at 23rd & H Streets will be temporarily closed.  Signage will direct pedestrians to the two nearest bus stops: at 24th & H Streets and at 23rd & G Streets.

These closures will last until the project is "at-grade" (which is projected to be in late 2019/early 2020) and then will potentially be replaced with a covered sidewalk on 23rd Street (pending DC approval) until the project's anticipated completion in Fall 2020.


Hillel Project Updates