Lane and Street Closures

School of Media and Public Affairs Building

Below is a listing of upcoming short-term lane closures and requests for additional work hours necessary to facilitate construction and improvements to the Foggy Bottom Campus. Project officials will coordinate activities per approved traffic control plans approved by the appropriate DC agencies. Please note that all dates are anticipated and are weather dependent.

Thurston Renovation

Beginning May 1, 2020:  As initial steps in the upcoming renovation of Thurston Hall, Clark Construction will begin to close some sidewalks and vehicular lanes around the building. This begins with the closure of the sidewalk and parking lane in front of Thurston Hall on F Street between 19th and 20th Streets. The sidewalk on 19th Street between F and E Streets will remain open.   The parking lane along 19th Street will still be available, excluding the hours of 7:00 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. during construction activities, for the duration of the project. Parking enforcement will be ticketing these parking spaces during construction hours.  In addition, there is an accessible street crossing on F Street between 19th and 20th streets to allow pedestrians to cross the street to get around the construction site. 


2100 Pennsylvania sidewalk and lane closures

2020, June 27:  The utility work for new water connections in I Street will resume the week of June 29. The first week of work (approximately) will occur during daytime hours and then shift to after-hours the week of June 29 so as to reduce further impacts on I Street.  There will be some elevated periods of noisy work during demolition/removal of concrete to expose work areas as well as digging, loading trucks and hauling. Night time work will conform with District regulations and will follow protocols put in place earlier this spring to minimize noise after 10 pm.  The primary work area is east of the alley at the west end of I street (across from District House). Secondary work area is just west of the 21st Street intersection on I Street. 

  • Saturday 6/27: No Parking Signs are posted on I Street (i.e. no parking from 7:30 PM – 4:30 AM starting Monday 6/27)
  • Monday 6/29: No Parking Signs will remain up with additional signage/notes etc. placed to give people fair warning.  Cars will be towed Monday night if they are not moved.
  • Tuesday 6/30:  Night Work Starts
    • Hours: 7 PM – 4 AM (with noisy work concentrated before 10 PM)
    • Scope: same as before – excavating, exposing the work areas for DC Water to come inspect
  • Wednesday (7/1) & Thursday (7/2): night work continues.

Beginning June 2019, the sidewalk along the construction site 21 Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and I Street will be closed. Beginning in August 2019, the sidewalk on the north side of I Street adjacent construction site (from 21st Street west to mid-block I Street)  will be closed. The Pennsylvania Avenue sidewalk and parking lane are closed along the construction site between 21st and 22nd Streets. The parking lane is being used as a covered pedestrian area/accessible walkway and maintains the use of the bus stop on Pennsylvania Avenue near 21st Street. These closures and altered walkways will likely remain this way through the duration of the project. Long term and short term walkway changes will be posted here as they arise. 

GW Hillel sidewalk and lane closures 

June 17, 2020:  On Saturday/June 27, portions of the southern lane of the 2300 block of H Street will be closed to allow for temporary placement of equipment to be used to remove the crane. Work is anticipated to begin around 7am with more noticeable activities starting after 8am. Work is anticipated to continue until 6pm. Traffic will be permitted to use the open lane throughout this time to allow for continued two-way vehicular use of this block and will be facilitated by on-site staff.  There may be short periods when the open lane is also closed to keep the site safe from the equipment. As always, this schedule is weather dependent.

Construction fencing was installed in August 2019 at H and on 23rd Streets closing the sidewalk, including barricades in the curb lane of H Street. Impacts to pedestrians and vehicles include:

  • A midblock crosswalk was installed in October to facilitate pedestrian traffic.

  • West side of 23rd Street between G & H Streets & the South side of H Street between 23rd & 24th Streets will be closed. Pedestrians should cross to the East side of 23rd Street in order to continue North or South of the construction site. 

  • The curb lane on 23rd Street in front of the Hillel project site will be closed Mon. thru Fri. from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm & Sat. from 7 am to 6 pm. 

  • Bus Stop – the WMATA bus stop at 23rd & H Streets will be temporarily closed.  Signage will direct pedestrians to the two nearest bus stops: at 24th & H Streets and at 23rd & G Streets.

These closures will last until the project is closer to being completed (which is projected to be in 2020).

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